Video: Parents watch their kids from work
Published on 13th April 2007, The Evening Telegraph, by Tim Goddard

A NURSERY in the city is offering parents the chance to keep an eye on their children directly
from the workplace.

The Day Nursery, in Priestgate, is hoping that the scheme will ease parents minds, and leave
them safe in the knowledge that their little ones are happy.

Angie Colegate, Manager of the Day Nursery, said: "We're really happy with the webcam,
it gives parents peace of mind. If they leave their child crying, they can watch the webcam
and see that they've settled."

"It's a very secure system where only our parents and carers can watch their children."

Karen Rendell, from Whittlesey near Peterborough, said: "As a first time mum returning to
work, I found it quite difficult to know who to trust to look after my child.

"I decided to look around nurseries, and my main reason for choosing this one was the

"I can log on at work, so I know at the drop of a hat, where he is, what he's doing and that
he's happy and safe."

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