Big brother is watching nursery tot
Published on Tuesday, 1 September 2009, Stourbridge News                                                         

Natalie Noonan with son Charlie, aged two

TINY tots at a Stourbridge nursery are being given an early taste of the surveillance society they will grow up in following installation of new cameras capturing their every movement.

Shooting Stars Nursery, Lower High Street, has installed NurseryCam so parents can see what their children are doing whilst at work.

Jon Higgins from the nursery believes parents will be delighted they can see their children through the internet.

He said:"Many parents would agree that it is a heart-wrenching moment when you leave your young children at nursery before going to work.

"However, help is at hand for parents in Stourbridge as Shooting Stars is one of the first nurseries in West Midlands to install NurseryCam, a parental webcam system that allows parents to log in from work to see what their off springs are up to at the nursery."

He added:"Good nurseries have nothing to hide and NurseryCam allows parents to be more involved in their children's developments.

"It also gives the nurseries the opportunities to showcase their wonderful services and further extends their open-door policy."

To allay fears of people other than parents watching the children all live images are encrypted and can only accessed by bona fide parents with the correct passwords.

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