Rainbow Nursery has its finger on the pulse when it comes to exceeding expectations
Many nursery managers and owners recognise the importance of working with parents for nursery success. Rainbow Nursery, past winner of the Nursery Design of the Year award, is dedicated to meeting and exceeding every parent's expectations. We caught up with Renu Kapila to find out more
Published on November/December 2008, Nursery Management Today

Rainbow Nursery welcomed its first children through the door in September of 1991 and has always strived to provide the very highest levels of care and best facilities possible. Having considered the needs of parents as well as children from the beginning; owner Renu Kapila has built up one of the most inspirational nurseries in Britain.

The historical buildings are beautiful, including a watchtower, old barn and priory. Rainbow Nursery is anything but traditional though, and also makes use of five acres of land where the children can help grow produce in the allotments and visit the onsite farm, which is home to horses, donkeys, pigs, goats and chickens, to name but a few. The resident double-decker bus is a unique feature with a difference. It houses computers, a library, bathroom facilities and even sandpits.

Visitor book comments really encapsulate the nursery's atmosphere. One parent described the nursery as mesmerising; another commented "Rainbow Nursery has exceeded my every expectation!" The list goes on.

Children's' safety is a top priority for parents and for Rainbow Nursery; it was one of the first to install NurseryCam's fingerprint system on all five external doors.

Fingerprint access technology is the most secure in the industry, giving parents complete peace of mind when choosing the nursery for their child. By storing the mathematical points of the prints, rather than a fingerprint image itself, the system still protects the privacy of individuals. Scanning and storing the points takes only a few minutes for most people; and, for those who have less well defined fingerprints, there is also key fob back up.

With over 300 children on their books, daily drop off and pick up times are busy at Rainbow Nursery. The fingerprint systems ensure that the team no longer spend extra time holding doors open for parents; which means fewer interruptions from their activities with children to answer the doorbell.

The high-tech system also logs staff and parents' entry and exit times, which is useful additional information for payroll and billing.

"We made our nursery vision a reality, and it's certainly a unique one. We love being a little bit different and so do the children." concludes Renu.

For more information contactRainbow Nursery on 01932 570888 or email info@rainbownursery.com.

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