Forest Hill creche fingerprints parents
Published on Thursday, 23 April 2009, South London Press by John Hugill                                                         

Nursery deputy manager Ann-Marie Allen using the system

A NURSERY will fingerprint all parents and staff entering its building.

Pitta Patta Day Nursery in St German's Road, Forest Hill, has installed a security system where all parents and staff must give their personal print to enter the building.

Nursery director Jacqueline Hussein said: "It will really help give all the parents total peace of mind leaving their children here during the day.

"The system will allow all staff and parents to enter the building by using their fingerprint, so they will have easy access to the building.

"A lot of the children have a sleep in the afternoon and before we had this system the doorbell was constantly ringing and waking the children up.

"Now parents and staff can enter the building themselves."

The system, installed by nursery security specialists NurseryCam, will hold all parents and staff on a database.

Before children join the nursery, which caters for children aged three months to five years, parents will be asked to place their thumb or finger on an electronic scanner.

This print will be stored on a computer and a numerical pattern attached to it.

Managing director of NurseryCam, Dr Melissa Kao, said: "When people think of fingerprint identification they think of James Bond films.

"This proves that state-of-the-art technology is available to everyday services too."

The system was installed on April 1 and will also help prevent children from wandering out of the building.

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