Parents can log on to see tots
Published on 19th November 2007, Shropshire Star

Parents of children at a Shropshire day nursery will soon be able to watch what their youngsters are getting up to all day - by hooking up to a hi-tech NurseryCam. The system is due to be launched this week at the nursery in Craven Arms - one of the first in the region to install the equipment. Wendy Bowen, from Open Arms Childcare, Streamside, Long Meadow End, Craven Arms, said it was hoped the system would prove popular.

She said the NurseryCam was a parental webcam system which allows parents to log in from work and see what their children are up to at the nursery.

She said: "Many parents would agree it is a heart-wrenching moment when you leave your young children at nursery before going to work. However, help is at hand."

Ms Bowen said more and more children were going to nurseries at an increasingly younger age.

However, according to a recent survey, 50 per cent of mothers would choose to stay at home and look after their children if they could afford to do so.

Parents often suffered from the dilemma of developing their career and looking after their children.

Ms Bowen added: "With NurseryCam, parents can now see live images of their children, via the internet, while at work."

Parents could be reassured their youngsters were happy and healthy during the day.

NurseryCam can be watched from anywhere with internet connection and soon parents could also be able to watch it through their colour screen mobile phones.

Ms Bowen said good nurseries had nothing to hide and NurseryCam allowed parents to be more involved in their children's developments.

It also gives the nurseries an opportunity to showcase their service and further extend their open-door policy.

Psychological studies have shown that webcams fulfil various psychological needs of today's parents, especially concerns which relate to safety, knowledge and understanding.