Watch with mother
"I spend a lot of time working away from the UK and I don't get to see my son anything like as much as I'd like to."

"My son can get quite clingy at times, so I was worried as to how he'd cope at nursery."

"Not being a part of the children's lives for those seven hours was hard. And we did worry about what they got up to at nursery all day."

Published on Sep/Oct 2009, Nursery Management Today

Sound familiar?
Putting children into a nursery - no matter how well regarded, is a big step for parents. There is inevitably a barrier of trust that needs to be overcome. Nursery owners can take the first step by showing how well they understand parents' concerns. Providing the best possible facilities is a big part of that. So is providing a safe, secure environment. Really it all comes down to giving deep down reassurance. And that's what NurseryCam delivers.

"My son has only started nursery in the last month and one of the deciding factors was the NurseryCam. I love the fact that I can see my son at any time, and that the nursery is confident in its staff and facilities to be able to offer us this opportunity. I must admit it is quite addictive though..."

Maria Glover, child attends Kidz At Work, Sheffield

NurseryCam is the best open door policy. And it establishes instant trust. Just knowing they can see their children at work or at play gives parents real peace of mind. They still feel that they're a part of their kids' lives, and they can see that their chosen nursery is open and upfront ?that's hugely reassuring.

For nursery owners ?that trust-centric relationship builds up a reputation for exemplary standards. And that helps fill nurseries. The knock on benefits are: better pay, training and job security for employees. It's a win- win situation. Your staff will love being part of a team that does so much more to set parents' minds at rest.

"As a first time parent I was paranoid about leaving my 11 month old at a nursery but the clean facilities, the security (CCTV, webcams etc) and the staff have put my mind at ease. And I love watching him play via webcam."

Bhanu, child attends Active Learning, North Finchley

Meeting your needs too
Just as you have to be sensitive to parents' needs, so NurseryCam offers that same sensitivity to your needs. For instance, they can limit parents' maximum viewing time ?though the vast majority of parents quickly settle into a pattern of a few minutes per day You'll find that staff are proud to show off the good work they do. After all, it's always rewarding when parents come to recognise their hard work based on the evidence they’ve seen for themselves.

Of course the results speak of themselves. The hundreds of nurseries that have already installed NurseryCam show full occupancy. They've all enjoyed great success and earned a reputation for exemplary standards. Parents are thrilled to send their children there.

"We have total peace of mind. It's lovely to see how happy my four children are at nursery and how fantastic the staff are with the children. I would always pick a nursery with a cam - brilliant picture too!"

Helen Simpkin, children attend Kingscliffe Day Nursery, Loughborough

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