Big Mother is watching! 'Nurserycam' launched
Published on 26/02/09, Southwark News                                                         

A borough nursery will be one of the first in London to enable parents to keep an eye on their kids via their mobile phones.

Leo's Den Nursery, which opens in Law Street on March 2, has webcams installed to allow parents an occasional peek at their little tykes.

"It's a really good tool for the parents to look in on their kids to see how they are doing," Jennifer Gagg, nursery manager at Leo's Den, said.

"At the end of the day, if you asked the kids how their day was, they probably wouldn't even remember."

Access to the cameras is tailored to each parent; they have access only to their child's room and the garden, and only on days when their child is present.

Other than that, parents can log on at any time from a computer or mobile phone with internet access.

Some 300 nurseries across England are tied in to the NuseryCam network, which has been active for the past four years. It emphasizes that the images are encrypted and protected by several security measures, to ensure that only the parents have access.

Leo's Den, which is built in a converted pub, will have capacity for 32 children, aged two to five.

It is twinned with a nursery in South Africa, and aims to give children the opportunity to communicate directly with children in South Africa via webcam.

"It's a lovely new venture and I'm really excited about it," Ms Gagg said.