A family business with a family approach reaps the rewards of success
Keeping families happy - as well as children - is important for Donna Duff and her husband, Stephen, who are the directors of two successful nurseries in Cumbria. A clear and flexible attitude to childcare ensures their nurseries at Barrow-in-Furness and Whitehaven are practical, friendly and relaxed. But what is it that really gets parents raving about these nurseries?
Published on Mar/June 2008, Nursery Management Today

Starting out much like any other, Furness Childcare at Barrow (a 69 place nursery) was opened five years ago and was followed shortly after by the Duff’s 86 place nursery at Whitehaven that they named Tamalder (a combination of their children’s names).

Donna and Stephen are striving to offer the best childcare in town. What is the secret to the success they have already achieved? Well it’s simple; they know exactly what modern parents are looking for in today’s nurseries. And, most importantly, will go the extra mile to meet expectations.

One peek inside the nurseries and the results of an inclusive approach to childcare are clear. For new parents being shown around, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly; the walls bright and colourful; and the children are laughing, smiling and bundling down the corridor (at the beginning of the day anyway – they just can’t wait to be back in nursery).

As part of their ongoing commitment to families and their open door policy, Donna and Stephen installed NurseryCam’s parental webcams in both nurseries. Donna said “we believe that parents shouldn’t need an appointment to see their children - the cameras make this achievable.” One parent, on seeing the nursery for the first time with her little boy, said on departure, “this is the one!” and called back a few hours later to book his place.

Parents of children at Furness Childcare or Tamalder Nursery are able to log on to the cameras via a secure internet connection (for a maximum of 15 minutes each day) and have pre-set time, day and room limits. These provide parents with peace of mind
and the chance to be closer to their child’s development, but without affecting the staff.

“The cameras have been a tremendous success, especially with new or working parents, who can now simply log in and see that their child has settled. Parents no longer spend their days worrying as they can see for themselves that the children are happy. The cameras are a really strong selling point for us – and the colourful pictures on the wall too, of course” Donna concludes with the smile of a successful woman.

With an appetite for trying new things, and the ability to listen, there is no doubt that these nurseries will continue to be a hit with modern parents looking for a family-friendly solution to childcare – and who knows what new and exciting things might occur in the future? With space aplenty, expansion is certainly an attainable prospect.

For more information contact Furness Childcare on (01229) 828444 or Tamalder Childcare on (01946) 690490.

If you would like further information about parental webcams, CCTV or security for your nursery, please visit www.nurserycam.co.uk or contact NurseryCam Ltd on 01344 751688 or email info@nurserycam.co.uk.

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