Webcams keep eye on tots
Published on 17th November 2007, South Wales Argus by Harry Hawkins

CCTV cameras will give parents of children at a Newport nursery a unique vision what their offspring are up to throughout the day.

Thanks to NurseryCam ltd, parents with kids attending the Celtic Springs Day Nursery can now log on to live webcams to watch how their little ones are getting on.

It is the first nursery to use the cameras in South Wales.

Nursery manager Claire Atkinson said: "It gives parents peace of mind - it offers them the chance to watch their children while they're playing and enjoying themselves."

Parents are provided with log-in codes and passwords at certain times of the day so they can see what their child is up to.

However, for safety and security reasons access will only be given to the room that their child is in during allocated time slots.

Once the parent has logged on, webcam images of the room their child is in will be beamed back to them showing live footage of their child learning or at play.

The online security systems used by NurseryCam are the same as those used in online banking and the company took military advice when developing their online security.

Ms Atkinson said the technology was essential to achieving excellence in childcare and that it could showcase the daily work of her staff.

"The cameras give parents a chance to see exactly what their kids do because often children will go home and be asked 'what did you do today' and often the child will say 'nothing' so this gives parents the opportunity to see exactly what we are doing."