Mozart Operas to Football: Something to Stimulate Every Child
Finding new and exciting ways to attract parents and meet the evolving needs of today’s children can
be tricky. Bill Zuckerman, Chairman and CEO of Active Learning, believes “reaching parents is more difficult
than simply providing care; they want to believe that their children are being stimulated to develop
their maximum potential.” His innovative London based nursery chain is breaking new ground in this area
by delivering a diverse range of activities focussed entirely on the modern needs of parents and children.
Published on Jan 2008, Nursery Management Today

“I have never seen anything like it” exclaims many an excited parent as they enter an Active Learning
nursery. The state of the art technology, innovative use of space, and unrivalled range of activities are enough to take any parent’s breath away. But it’s Active Learning’s unique, activity-based curriculum, taught by specialist teachers and instructors, which has created a totally new breed of nursery education. Zuckerman says “Our approach is unique. We develop a tailor-made curriculum for every child by drawing on our vast range of activities as well as their own needs, talents and abilities.”

Active Learning’s aim is to develop each child and stimulate a life-long enthusiasm for learning. Children are encouraged to explore new skills in purpose-built studios. Activities include performing arts (music, drama and ballet), art, sport (cricket, tennis, football and yoga), science and discovery and technology. Sensory rooms and sleep rooms are also provided for quiet time too, as is an organic menu prepared on the premises by resident chefs.

The nursery philosophy is underpinned by excellent quality standards – all activities are taught by experienced teachers or industry professionals. Amanda Johnson, Group Operations Consultant, says “Our children can do anything. They have outlets for boundless energy and the chance to develop a love of learning from a very early age. It’s a place of fun where each day is different and anticipated eagerly.”

Active Learning set high standards for all their staff and only the most enthusiastic, child-centric staff come on board. Parents are also given frequent opportunities to join in the activities too, and attending the children’s performances and open days, which are regular highlights on the nursery calendar.

As well as activity studios and sensory experiences, each site contains state of the art technology - from PC studios to NurseryCam. NurseryCam are popular as they not only provide security and peace of mind, but also allow parents (and grandparents) to check on a child’s progress and see them taking part in their various endeavours. Zuckerman says “parents are so often met with blank expressions when they ask about their child’s day. NurseryCam provide a valuable insight, so the parent and child bond can blossom more easily.”

He concludes “We are incredibly proud of the work we do and the difference we make. Our vision is to continue to lead the development of quality childcare and nursery education in the UK.”

Active Learning has three nurseries at present, with another five due to open over the next 15 months. With their passion, experience and vision it’s no wonder they are the most exciting, growing chain in the UK.

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